Starting A Restaurant Blog

How to Start A Restaurant Blog

The word "Blog" is short for the word web-log and amounts to thesame thing as an online diary. The blogger posts daily and sometimes hourly updates. These can be news stories with coments, recipes,
opinions, etc.

The blogs usually allow readers to post comments, reactions and thoughts, creating a dialog between the blogger and visitors to the site.

How To Start Your Restaurant Blog:

1. Choose your theme - This can be a recipe blog, a blog to promote your restaurant, restaurant news , cooking skills, restaurant trends, menu trends, product trends, book reviews, wines, etc.

There are also some humerous blogs, blogs by chefs, waiters, waitresses and restaurant customers.

2. Visit Other blogs - This will help you get some ideas about how you want your blog to look.

3. Choose a blog service: - advanced weblogging, file sharing and social networking system available. You can control every aspect of your apcala. Apcala has the ability to search through blog postings, uploaded files and profiles. - Free, automated weblog publishing tool. Post your links and commentary into your form on and, with the push of a button, your updated weblog page will be FTPd to your web site - provides a free, easy-to-use hosted blog with an abundance of features including email alerts and an easy-to-remember url for your blog. - Charge if $99.00 per year. - affordable, easy to use web hosting company that catersto weblogs. - Has A free hosting plan - Website and client software for maintaining an
online journal/weblog
Moblog - take pictures with your camphone and post them directly to
the web, instantly! - Squarespace replaces the need for forum
software, blog software, a web host, databases, statistics software, and a host of other development and content management programsyou'd need to integrateto get a similar web site. You pick a plan appropriate for your needs, and Squarespace handles the rest - Has a free trial. - FREE Xanga Classic account to give weblogging a try. - a website for anyone wants to publish a weblog, or an online journal, on the Internet. - leverages the open source b2/ project to empower the hobbyist blogger and professional writer/author

5. Write Your blog - Add to your blog on a regular basis. Readers will stop coming if there is no new information or comments.

4. Promote your blog:

Exchange links with other blog sites.
Ping major web blog tracking sites. An easy to do this is to use Ping-O-Matic. Submit your site everytime you update it.
Leave comments at other blogs with your blog name and address.


Blog amp - A web audio player for bloggers
Bloglet - A tool used to notify readers of updates by email.
Phone Blogger - PhoneBlogger is a tool for publishing to a blog via a phone call.


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Blog Glossary

Blog Tips:
Write about things you are passionate about.
Be Truthful.
Be Respectful to your readers.
Be patient - It can take a long time for your site to grow.

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