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Restaurant - A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages to order, to be consumed on the premises. The term covers a multiplicity of venues and a diversity of styles of cuisine.

Restaurants are sometimes also a feature of a larger complex, typically a hotel, where the dining amenities are provided for the convenience of the residents and for the hotel to maximize their potential revenue. Such restaurants are often also open to non-residents.

A restaurant operator is called a restaurateur; both words derive from the French verb restaurer, meaning to restore. (source

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Chef Moz - links to hundreds of U.S. dining guides. The Chef Moz Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive guide to restaurants, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors.
DeliverMe - list of restaurants by city
Citysearch - a leading online lifestyle guide with the most up-to-date information on businesses, from restaurants and spas, to hotels and retail.
DiRoNA - Distinguished Restaurants of North America's Award of Excellence winners
America's - Menus and recipes from America's Finest Restaurants
Fodor's - Travel Guide
Zagat Survery - Worldwide restaurant guide featuring search function, top rankings, user reviews and ratings. - To meet the needs of diners, the company provides nutrition information and specific "how to order healthier" guidelines for menu items at popular restaurants - OpenTable is the leading supplier of reservation, table management and guest management software for restaurants. In addition, the company operates the world’s most popular website for making restaurant reservations online
RestaurantRow - Thousands of restaurants
USDiners - Thousands of restaurants across the country, recipes, and more.


Food The Nation's Casual Dining News
Restaurant News - The News Source for the Nations Food Service Industry
Foodie Magazines by inigo_montoya, Chef-in-Training
Restaurants And Institutions - Restaurants & Institutions (R&I) is the leading source of food and business-trend information and exclusive research on operators and restaurant patrons.
The Ten Major Dining Trends for

Books - Cooking, Food & Wine
The Food Section ( publishes original food writing and photography and scours the web for links to culinary news and events, recipes, and gastronomical ephemera
Food Chemical News - (FCN) has over 45 years' experience of monitoring and reporting on FDA, USDA and other federal state agencies. It provides news, in-depth analysis and expert summaries on all food policy and regulations. Published weekly, online and in print, FCN is the leading news service on US food law and food policy.

Eat Smart When Dining Out-Readers Digest

Dining Etiquette

Eitquette crash courses
Etiquette skills provide a powerful tool to
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Find out how your favorite restaurant is doing Restaurant Health Inspections Posted Online - See if your favorite restaurant is listed here.
Us Food Drug And Administration Bad Bug Book
Was It Something I Ate? What to do if you think a restaurant meal has made you sick - What to do if you think you have food poisoning
Dirty Dining Report (abc News)
Fast Food Dirty Dining (msnbc)
Article - Dirty Dining Out

Safety Alerts
Food Product Recalls
USDA Resource


Restaurant Nutrition Guides
Nutrition facts for over 180 Restaurants
Exploring Fast Food - The Fast Food Nutrition Fact Explorer is a searchable database containing the nutritional information of America's most popular fast food restaurants.
Nutrition Facts and Information Center- nutrition channel offers comprehensive, understandable news and features about how nutrition plays a role in your health. Read our nutrition articles to learn the basics of good nutrition, figure out how to read a food label and understand the role of different vitamins, nutrients and minerals in keeping your healthy.

The Eating Out Guide For Diabetes recipes/nutrition/eatingoutguide.jsp

WebMD - Diabetes and eating out


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Weight Watchers dining out guide
Tips for eating healthy at restaurants
Low Carb Dining Out
Tips to watch calories when dining out
Dining Out On The Zone diet

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Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution
South Beach Diet
Mastering the Zone
Eat Right For Your Type Sugar Busters
Eat More, Weigh Less
The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough
New Cabbage Soup Diet
The Grapefruit Diet
The New Beverly Hills Diet
Subway Diet
Weight Watchers


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