Hiring Your Employees

Choosing employees who will do a good job is not only important to the success of your business, but will also contribute to the image of your establishment, provided they are properly trained.

The ease of finding good employees will vary depending on your geographic location. Remember to offer a good wage and benefits.

Classified Ads
Place an ad in a local news paper or online. A sample ad might be;

We currently have a position open for ____________ (name the position).

We are looking for a responsible, friendly, motivated person who enjoys working with people. Please apply in person from 9-12 noon (list times) at __________ (give address) and ask for the Manager.

Search the internet resume boards and place ads in the various job recruitment web sites.

Employment Office
Call your local job service and let them know you have an opening. The often have a number of people looking for jobs that they have screened.

High Schools, Culinary Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc.

Referrals From Your Employees
If you have a responsible employee with good job performance, this person will probably know or be associated with other people of like character.

Job fairs
Job fairs are particularly good for filling management positions.

Window Ad
Place a professionally written "now accepting applications" in your window. Customers coming in, seeing this sign will often tell others looking for a job or may recommend someone to you.

Community Bulletin Boards
Often department store, grocery stores or businesses will have a bulletin board to post signs.

Recruit from other businesses
If you are at a grocery store, restaurant, motel or department store and the employee on duty stands out as an exceptional person, introduce yourself and ask if they know anyone like their selves that may be interested in a job.