Employee Incentives

Motivating Employees...

Customers love employees who love their job!

Retaining employees who are an asset to your business is important. Incentives and rewards are designed to increase employee productivity and morale. Some rewards might be theater tickets, concert tickets. cash, gift certificates, a day off with pay, etc. Employees are motivated by the same things we are, such as praise, rewards and incentives. Treat your employees like you would like to be treated.

Tips for motivating employees:

Always thank employees for doing a good job.
  1. Take the time to meet with and listen to employees. Take them to breakfast or out for a cup of coffee.
  2. Give them feedback concerning their progress or performance on the job. Employees need to know how they are doing and that their contributions are appreciated.
  3. Give rewards, and promotions to employees who perform well.
  4. Keep the employees informed concerning your advertising and growth plans and ask for input.
  5. Allow employees to have input in day to day operations.
  6. Provide training opportunities for employees to increase their skills.
  7. Remember their birthdays and important dates.
  8. Write down your company policies and procedures and abide by them.
  9. Set some goals and celebrate with them when those goals are reached.
  10. Encourage new ideas and suggestions.
  11. Pay your employees well and have quarterly wage reviews.
  12. Consider what benefits you can give, hospitalization insurance, vacaton pay, emloyee meals, etc.
  13. Invest in your employees. This could be a bonus, insurance, training and personal time.
  14. Make them feel special. If you make them feel special and feel like they belong, they will do special thing