Secret Shoppers

Restaurant and Hospitality Secret Shoppers

Mystery Shopping companies are hired by a wide variety of businesses including restaurants, hotels, retail stores, banks, movie theaters and even gas stations to measure and evaluate the level of service being provided based on the company's standard operating procedures.

Trained shoppers enter the businesses anonymously and fill out a detailed report on their experience.

Companies use the information as a vital tool to continually improve the level of service being offered, which results in more return customers, more positive word of mouth and eventually an increase in sales and profits.

Company Name City State Country
Mintel International Group, Ltd. Mintel International Group, Ltd. Chicago IL US
Mystery Guest, Inc. Mystery Guest, Inc. Winter Park FL US
QSI Specialists QSI Specialists Las Vegas NV US
Restaurant Evaluators Restaurant Evaluators Chicago IL US
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. Naperville IL US
Consumer Research Group Consumer Research Group Alpharetta GA US
Customer Feedback, LLC Customer Feedback, LLC Bellvue WA US
Mind Gym, Inc. Mind Gym, Inc. Pearland TX US
MacPherson Mystery Shopping & Research Ltd MacPherson Mystery Shopping & Research Ltd UK
HD4 5XE Hudder   UK
Palvelu Plus - Service Plus Oy/Ltd Palvelu Plus - Service Plus Oy/Ltd Helsinki   FI
Data Quest Ltd. Data Quest Ltd. Boston MA US
IntelliShop IntelliShop Perrysburg OH US
Service Intelligence        
Mystique Shopper Mystique Shopper Oceanside NY US
Ritter and Associates Ritter and Associates Toledo OH US
Service Sleuths (Howard Services) Service Sleuths (Howard Services) Franklin MA US
Shop'N Chek Inc,*Worldwide Shop'N Chek Inc,*Worldwide Norcross GA US
Bare Associates International Inc. Bare Associates International Inc. Fairfax VA US

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Feedback Plus, Inc.Feedback Plus, a premier marketing research firm, provides customized research programs for companies seeking to evaluate the interaction of their employees with customers.

Green & Associates Mystery Shoppers -Mystery Shopping is an objective view of your operation through the eyes of educated consumers. Trained shoppers enter your business as ordinary customers and provide you with a detailed evaluation of their experience.

Quest for Best - Nation-Wide Mystery Shopping Services. A Mystery Shopper serves as the eyes and ears of the retail and restaurant industry providing actionable feedback to field operations management concerning the quality and overall value of the customer experience

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