Starting Your Own Restaurant

Thinking about starting your own restaurant?

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry sales are expected to reach a record $537 billion in 2007 and there are approximately 935,000 restaurant-and-food service outlets. With 12.8 million employees, the industry is the largest employer. Owning a restaurant can be very rewarding, but don't think you can open one and hire a manager and then forget about it. You need to be on top of training your manager and employees so that you don't lose your profits and/or your business. You also need to keep up with federal, state and local regulations.

We have designed this "How To Start a Restaurant" guide with tips and resources as a guide to help you get started. Always check with your accountant, lawyer, state, county and local officials before using this information.

Check out our restaurant glossary and learn the "lingo"

Starting Out  
Finances - Cost Controls  

Choosing a concept
Restaurant Concepts
Develop a business plan
Choosing a name
Choosing a location
Design & Layout
How Much Seating will I need?
Lighting Tips
Getting Your Licenses and Permits
Choosing Equipment
Equipment Maintenance
Menu Pricing
Write A Food Manual
Startup forms & Checklists
Buying A Franchise
Building A Restaurant
Choosing Your food Service
Restaurant Signs
Restaurant Software
Legal Structure
Hiring A Manager
Restaurant Management
Choosing the Right Location
Decorating Your Restaurant's Interior
Establishing Relationships with Vendors
The Challenges and Benefits of Being Independent
Tips for Taking Over an Established Restaurant
How to Choose Plate and Glassware
How to Build a Great Restaurant Website


Financing your Restaurant
Calculating your Start-up costs
Setting up a Business
Checking Account
Leasing tips
Employee Manual
Venture capital
Angel Investors
Cash Control Tips
Determining Food Costs
Theft Management
Counterfeit Money
Credit Card Fraud
Handling Bad Checks
Promoting your business
Finance using Credit Cards
Leasing Equipment
Marketing _Plan
Marketing Plan Software
Writing a business plan
Business Plan software
Business Plan Mistakes
Maintaining Business Plan
How Set Up A Payroll
How to use POS Reports Effectively
How to Manage Working Capital

Business Taxes  
 Choosing Professionals   

Business Taxes
Business Tax Forms
Employment Taxes
State Taxes
Irs Resources
Estimated Tax Prepayments
(US due quarterly 4/15, 6/15, 9/15 and 1/15


Hire An Accountant
Hire A Lawyer
Restaurant Designer
General Contractor

The Pros and Cons of Consultants

Food Safety   

Hiring Employees
Interviewing Employees
Motivating Employees
Terminating Employees
Employees References
Job Descriptions
Employee Hygiene
Work Safety
Employment Glossary
Employee Forms and check lists
How to Hire Servers
How to Choose Server Uniforms
Seven Great Interview Questions for the Front of the House

  Food Safety
Food Product Recalls
Restaurant Safety Checklist
Food Safety Posters
Other Resources  

Culinary Software
Forms & Checklists
Food Companies
Online Calculators
Food Trade Shows
Industry News
Restaurant Equipment
Restaurant Forms
Restaurant Publications
USDA Resources
National Food Associations
Food Product Recalls
Find A Recipe
Great Chef Sites
Culinary Scholarships
Culinary Schools 
Menu Design