Restaurant Management

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Employees (Hiring - Terminating)

  1. Where To Find Them
  2. Choosing a manager
  3. Interview Skills - What to look for, questions to ask & questions you can't ask.
  4. How to check references
  5. How To give references
  6. Hiring Minors
  7. Employee Hygiene
  8. Terminating Employees
  9. Job Descriptions
  10. Employee Interview Form -document impressions and observations gathered during a prospective employee's first interview.
  11. Handling Layoffs
  12. Staffing a Seasonal Restaurant
  13. Young vs Veteran Employees
  14. What To Look For In A Chef
  15. Hiring The Right Host Staff
  16. Controlling Labor Costs
  17. Re-Training Techniques
  18. Putting Together a Management Team
  19. Watching for Theft: A Manager's Guide
  20. How to Conduct Meetings
  21. Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies
  22. How to be Systematic about Customer Feedback

Employment Laws

  1. Employment Laws
  2. Sexual Harassment Policy
  3. Employment Glossary

Keeping and motivating employees

  1. Ways to Motivate Employees
  2. How To Reduce Turnover
  3. How to Conduct a Pre-Shift Meeting
  4. The Value of Empowering Employees
  5. The Real Value of Employee Bonuses

Training Employees

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer Complaints
  3. Food Safety
  4. Preparing an Employee Handbook
  5. Preparing For Holidays
  6. Common Training Mistakes
  7. How to Groom Employees into Managers


  1. The Value of Discounts
  2. Successful Restaurant Marketing Through Social Media
  3. Using Gift Certificates and Coupons to your Advantage
  4. How To Attract Corporate Business
  5. Why You Must Hire a Marketing Manager
  6. The Value of Customer Loyalty Programs
  7. How to Use Group Coupons


  1. To Proper Way to Execute Large Parties
  2. Why Your Restaurant Should Cater
  3. Why Having No Reservations Rules for Large Parties Works
  4. How to Build a Large Party Business

Specials/Special Requests

  1. How to Handle Special Requests
  2. Tips for Creating Specials
  3. How To Deal With Pushy Customers

Record Keeping

  1. Sample Record System
  2. How Long To Keep Records
  3. Kinds of Records To Keep
  4. Record Keeping - Why Keep Records?
  5. Why Your Restaurant Must Have Scales
  6. How to Use a Manager’s Log
  7. How to Use Checklists
  8. How to Use Spreadsheets

Digital Marketing

  1. Should I Write a Blog for my Restaurant?
  2. Start Reading Your Reviews Today

Wines and Liquor

  1. Value of Mid-Range Wines
  2. Value of Staff Wine Tastings
  3. How To Rejuvenate Your Bar
  4. How To Sell Wine To Your Guests

Keeping Your Restaurant Safe:

  1. Work Safety
  2. Food Safety
  3. Food Product Recalls

Keeping Your Food Business Clean

  1. Cleaning Tips
  2. Cleanliness

Critical Areas For Success



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