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Chef - a term commonly used to refer to an individual who cooks professionally .Within a restaurant however, chef (French for chief or head) is often only used to refer to one person: the one in charge of everyone else in the kitchen. This is usually the executive chef.

Chef" is a contraction of the French phrase chef de cuisine, the "chief" or "head" of a kitchen, but in English usage has come to mean any professional cook, regardless of rank. The title chef in the culinary profession originates from the roots of haute cuisine in the 19th century and it is in the English language translation that the term chef has become a term that describes function or skill over that of rank. Thus every cook is potentially referred to as a chef from the short-order chef as well as the chef in fine-dining. (Source: wikipedia)

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How To Become A Chef
Career Opportunities for Chefs
Find A Job
Chef Forums
Culinary Schools
Culinary Scholarships
Study At Home To Become A Personal Chef

Managing Your Business

Menu Pricing
Taking Inventory
Handling Customer Complaints
Restaurant Management

Cost Management

Profitable menus
How to set menu prices
How to take inventory
Determine Food costs
Good Receiving Habits
Online Calculators
How to budget
Food Cost Tips & Strategies
Calculating your costs of sales and inventory
Tips for reducing Food costs in Your Restaurant


Food Garnishing - Food Presentation And -Styling
Apple Bird
Fancy Food Styling
Food Presentation Tips
Food Shoots
Food Styling As A Career
Japanese Art of Garnishing
Putting Pictures On Cakes
Wedge Cuts From Fruits

Food Additives And Preservatives
Herb & Spice Guide
Spice Substitutions
Spice Spoilage Guidelines
Five Spice Baking Powder \

Food Dictionary
The Wine Lovers Companion
Tea Glossary
Wine Glossary
Food Safety Terms
Beverage Glossaries
Ethnic Food Glossaries
Tableware terms

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Baking Dish Equivalents
Table Spoon Equivalents
Can Equivalents
Oven Temperature Equivalents
Ingredient Equivalents

Volume and Weight
Liquid Measures
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Chef Books From
Chef Cook Books
Famous Chefs
Cooking, Food, Wine
Food And Gourmet Magazines
Baking Tools
Cook's Tools And Gadgets
Pre seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Tools and equipment every cook should

Chef Uniforms
Personalized Aprons & Chef Hats - "Kiss The Cook" Funny Kitchen Aprons and More!
 Culinary attire Chef Coats, Chef Hats, Chef Pants


Table Top
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Tableware Care and Storage Tips
Crystal Care
Silver Care
Tableware terms

Chef Knives -Glossary
Chef Knives -Buy And Care For
Chef knives -Types Of Blades

How To Fold Napkins
Napkin Folding 101
Napkin Demonstrations
Pretty napkin folds
Napkin Folding

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Industry News


Tips And Hints
Tips N' Hints (food "repair" & tips for appliances and utensils) - iChef
Hints and Tips From Culinary Cafe 1001 Tips From Great Cooks
How To Tips And Techniques
Cooking Classes
Test Kitchen Favorites
Food Slide Shows
Technique Videos Charts And Reference Guides
Food Trade Shows & Events
Food Tech International conferences
Wine Events - Tasting's - Conferences
Find a Farmers Market In Your State


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Restaurant Financial's
Restaurant Stock Quotes
Restaurant & Wine News
Science And Nutrition
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Baker's News
Food And Beverage-Yahoo
Supermarket Alert
Food Publications
Ingredients Market Research Reports & Food Industry Analysis Reports

Food Illness  
Hand washing  

Serious Can Defects Fact Sheet
Serious Jar Defects Fact Sheet
Nutrients in Food
The 10 Most Common Causes of Infection
Food born Illness Complaint Form
Bacteria growth chart
Hepatitis A Facts Poster


Hand Washing Poster
Hand washing Pledge
Employees Must Wash Hands Bathroom Poster

Cleaning Lists  

Cleaning and Sanitizing Utensils and Equipment for Effective Disease Protection
Procedures Poster

Sanitation Checklist


Wear Gloves The Right Way Poster
Using Disposable Gloves
Gloves - Proper Glove Usage Chart



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