Free Food Safety Posters

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Temperature Charts

Temperature Mini-Chart[PDF]

Use That Thermometer![PDF]

Use That Thermometer!: Spanish[PDF]

Reheating Foods[PDF]

Cool Foods Quickly[PDF]


Keep Hot Foods Hot: Cold Foods Cold [PDF]

Keep Hot Foods Hot: Cold Foods Cold- Spanish Version [PDF]

Produce/Salad Area [PDF]

Produce/Salad Area: Spanish [PDF]

Food Storage

Refrigerate For Safety[PDF]

Refrigerate For Safety: Spanish[PDF]

Storeroom Basics[PDF]

Storeroom Basics: Spanish[PDF]

On The Serving Line[PDF]

On The Serving Line: Spanish[PDF]

Restaurant Workers

Personal Appearance[PDF]

Personal AppearanceL Spanish[PDF]

Personal Hygiene[PDF]

Personal Hygiene: Spanish[PDF]

Knife Safety[PDF]

Hand Washing

Employee Handwashing Sign [PDF]

Employee Handwashing Sign- Spanish [PDF]

Cleaning Posters

Clean and Sanitize [PDF]



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