Free Food Safety Quizzes

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Free Food Safety Quizzes you can take online or download to use in your restaurant.

Test Your food safety knowledge (pdf)

Online Food Safety Quiz

Test your knowledge of food safety (click Here)

CBS News Food Safety Quiz (click here)

Food Storage quiz (click here)

How can food become unsafe (click here)

How Food Can Become Contaminated (click here)

Before You Come to Work (click here)

When and How To Wash Your Hands (click here)

How to Calibrate a Thermometer (click here)

How to Store Food Properly (click here)

Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures (click here)

Proper Temperatures for Hot- and Cold-Holding (click here)

Proper Ways to Serve Food (click here)

Proper Ways to Cool Food (click here)

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing (click here)

How to Clean and Sanitize in a Three-Compartment Sink (click here)

Restaurant Teen Worker Quiz E Tool This eTool* describes common hazards and potential safety solutions for teen workers and employers in the restaurant industry. (click here) There is a link for teen puzzle quiz after going through all information.

Food Safety - Video (click here) - Christine Bruhn, PhD is the Director of the Center for Consumer Research at the University of California. Take this food safety Quiz after watching the video (click here)


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